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  • Die Naturtagebücher von Edith Holden

    The nature diaries of Edith Holden

    18 July 1905: „ [...] but today I discovered a nest made of dried grasses, with a number of eggs. This is the latest in the season I have ever...

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  • Tänzelnde Tulpen

    Dancing tulips

    Tulips are among the messengers that herald the new flower season. Together with daffodils, they are the first flowers of the year that are available in large quantities for bouquets....

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  • Adventskränze lange frisch halten

    How to keep Christmas wreaths fresh for a long time

    To ensure that the greenery of the Christmas wreaths - be it fir, branches of pine, conifers or eucalyptus - stays fresh for as long as possible, the Christmas wreath...

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  • Das Pisspöttken

    The Pisspöttken (pee potty)

    Until the 1960s, the corn cockle was a typical plant of the agricultural landscape, growing together with poppies and cornflowers in the middle and at the edge of grain fields....

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  • Päonie’s Leibgarde

    Peony's life guard

    Before the glamorous flowers of the peony (Paeonia officinalis) appear in May and June and give forth their stunning fragrance, you first have to deal with the knobbly buds and...

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  • Pflegehinweise für Trockenblumen

    Care instructions for dried flowers

    Dried flowers can last from several months up to 3 or 4 years. The shelf life depends on the plant variety as well as on certain environmental conditions. Some plants...

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