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Tänzelnde Tulpen

Dancing tulips

Tulpen Pastell
Tulips are among the messengers that herald the new flower season. Together with daffodils, they are the first flowers of the year that are available in large quantities for bouquets. There is something for pretty much every color taste. I don't have a preference for a particular tulip color, but in terms of shape, I like the double tulips best. They still look pretty even when they have faded.
Tulips dance around in the vase. So they don't stay in place exactly as you place them. They continue to grow and can bend so much that it looks as if they are hanging their heads.
Crèmefarbene Tulpen gefüllt
Tulips move, even after they have been cut. They react to certain stimuli such as light or the earth's gravitational pull. The flower tries to capture as much light as possible and therefore grows towards the light and away from the earth. If, for example, tulips are delivered lying down in a cardboard box (as is usual for shipping flowers), the tulips are often bent.
Tulpen heliotrop geotropic
If you want the tulips to be upright again, it is best to wrap them in paper overnight, place them in water and the next morning they will be upright again. You can also do this with tulips that have bent too much in the vase.

I also find it quite amazing how much the tulips grow in the vase. Depending on the variety (in my experience, the simple, non-double tulips grow more than the double ones), this growth can amount to several centimetres.
You should always bear this in mind when making bouquets and tulip arrangements. And what beautiful bouquets you can make with tulips.
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